Las Vegas Bench Warrants

What is a Bench Warrant?

Most bench warrants are issued by judges. The reason why it’s called a bench warrant is because a judge sits on a so-called “bench”; hence the term: “bench warrant”

A court may issue a bench warrant as well. For instance, if you fail to pay a fine or fail to appear in court, through the judge’s power, a court may issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

In some cases, and especially in Las Vegas, Nevada, a court or judge will deliver a bench warrant to a police officer, a marshal, or a constable for enforcement of the bench warrant.

When a bench warrant has been issued, it will remain active until a warrant lawyer quashes the warrant by either filing a motion or appearing in court on behalf of the person named in the warrant. Alternatively, a bench warrant can be quashed when the person named in the warrant is arrested and taken into custody.

Hiring an Aggressive Las Vegas Warrant Attorney

If you are in warrant, call us today at 702.731.0000. We are here to avoid you getting arrested because of an outstanding warrant. You can avoid jail time and excessive warrant fees by contacting a Las Vegas warrant attorney. Call us today so that we can quash your bench warrant before you quash your own warrant by being arrested and taken into custody.

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