Las Vegas Arrest Warrant

When a warrant has been issued for someone’s arrest, he or she needs to contact a skilled Las Vegas arrest warrant attorney as soon as possible. An arrest warrant gives the police immediate power to actively seek out and arrest someone at their residence or place of business. An arrest warrant is usually issued because the police have sufficient evidence to suspect that a crime has been committed. An arrest warrant may also be issued because of a grand jury indictment.

If you are arrested due to an arrest warrant, the police will want to question you. It is important that you do not say anything until you have an attorney present as you may say something incriminating without even knowing it.

If you become aware that an arrest warrant has been issued for you, contact us immediately so that we may negotiate an alternative to being arrested and taken into custody. Do not talk to the police and do not turn yourself in. Do not ignore an arrest warrant. Call us today at 702.731.0000

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